2 thoughts on “Yocan Evolve 2.0 User Manual Download

  1. Dan Curtin says:

    Have used my new Evolve 2.0 only a handful of times. Currently getting light blinking 3 times when attempting to utilize a concentrate coil. Ordered new coils thinking that I had burned out first coil, kinda fast but could happen. Inserted new coil, ready to go, and continue getting the three blinks. Anything I can try?

    • Jimmy_Yocan says:

      Hi Dan,
      First of all, thanks for choosing our product.
      As for your device blinking 3 times, it’s means no cartridge error.
      Please try to clear the connect point of battery and the cartridge, and re-intall your cartrdige.
      If you have further question, please let me know.
      Vape on.

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